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Costa Rica National Park, Wildlife Refuge, And Biological Reserve Entrance Fees Set To Increase. Here’s How Much A Visit To Each Will Cost.

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Attention all travellers! Costa Rica’s national park, wildlife refuge, and biological reserve entrance fees are set to increase on August 1st, 2014 (thanks to decreto Nº 38295­ published at the end of April earlier this year). Here’s what you need to know about the price increase.

Ricky - Carara National Park Ricky – Carara National Park

1. Entrance fee increases apply to everyone.

The entrance fee increase means that each and every traveller (regardless of whether they opt to tour a protected land site on their own or with a guide) will be required to pay the current fee. For those who choose to visit a protected land site with a guide, unless the tour operator wishes to absorb the cost of the increased entrance fee on behalf of each traveller, it is likely that the cost of organized tours will increase too.

Nikki - Poas Volcano National Park Nikki – Poas Volcano National Park

2. Very little change has been made to the operation of entrance…

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