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10 Incredible Tree-House Hotels in the U.S. | Fodor’s Travel

10 Incredible Tree-House Hotels in the U.S. | Fodor’s Travel.


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Ten Jewels of the Mediterranean

Source: By chili, OpenTravel.com

How to find the best section of the Mediterranean coastline that extends for 46,000 kilometres (28,600 mi), winds through 21 countries and is bounded by three continents – Europe, Africa and Asia? From hundreds of amazing spots we selected ten jewels of the Mediterranean that are particularly rewarding, beautiful and special.

Be it perfect surfing conditions, superb food, rich culture or Europe’s most famous mountain tracks, these destinations, besides being ideal beach getaways, have something for every type of traveler.

1. Tarifa in Spain

Tarifa. By digitalnoiseTarifa. By digitalnoise

Tarifa, the Spanish city from where Africa can be clearly seen as it is only 13 km (8 mi) away, is one of the most fantastic places on the Mediterranean coast. Thanks to the constantly blowing winds (due to its location at the meeting point of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean ), the town has become a mecca for windsurfing and kitesurfing addicts. So if you are one of the surfing enthusiasts, do not miss Tarifa while planning your Mediterranean escapade. Of course, Tarifa is also an exceptionally rewarding town for non-surfing folks. It’s ultra easy-going, relaxed and arty with its beautiful old town, white sand beaches and green surroundings.

Playa de los Lances de Tarifa. By ChodaboyPlaya de los Lances de Tarifa. By Chodaboy

2. Aeolian Islands in Italy

Vulcano Island. By HOTC MediaVulcano Island. By HOTC Media

We have selected the Aeolian Islands as one of our favorite Mediterranean locations due to their exceptional beauty. Located not far from Sicily, the archipelago is composed of eight volcanic islands, whose jaw-dropping vistas have power to amaze the most skeptical traveler. Surrounded by crystal azure waters, the mountainous green islands are home to ancient old towns with narrow streets, Mediterranean-style houses and superb restaurants, offering the freshest of fresh sea food. What else does one need for perfect beach-oriented holidays?

Lipari. By iMat77Lipari. By iMat77

3. Malta

 Blue Lagoon Comino, Malta. By eurodrifterBlue Lagoon Comino, Malta. By eurodrifter

According to Lonely Planet Malta is “a microcosm of the Mediterranean”, and we fully agree with that statement. In other words, you will not miss anything of the Mediterranean package by visiting only this one little country. Covering the area of 300 km², located centrally in the Sea, Malta is a mix of European, North African and Arabic influences, which makes it such a diverse, fascinating and unique place. Malta is a specially rewarding destination for history enthusiasts as it packs amazing architecture of Norman, Gothic, Renaissance or Baroque periods, amazing ancient buildings dating back as far as 6,000 years ago and wide selection of museums from archaeology to modern history.

4. Cassis in France

Port Cassis in France. By Guillermo FdezPort Cassis in France. By Guillermo Fdez

For those who love the French style of vacationing, Cassis is the place that will not disappoint the most fastidious Francophile. Situated near Marseille in southern France, the charming town of Cassis is famed for its spectacular cliffs, numerous inlets with hidden beaches and wine. Apparently, the town was the first of three French vineyards to profit from the appellation d’origine contrôlée (label of controlled origin) introduced in the 1930s. Today, renowned white wine from Cassis is a symbol of the region and iconic tipple of France.

Cassis. By TeoremCassis. By Teorem

5. Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Dubrovnik. By darkmatterDubrovnik. By darkmatter

Dubrovnik, in southern Croatia, is an absolutely unique place on the Mediterranean coast. For many it is a number one destination that beats its Mediterranean competitors with spectacular location, stunning old town filled with ancient architecture and fantastic coast. In the Middle Ages, Dubrovnik, an important port and trade center, was the only city that could rival Italian Venice. No wonder, today the city, being on a par with the most popular Mediterranean destinations, attracts a staggering 0.5 million tourists a year.

Dubrownik. By retro travelerDubrownik. By retro traveler

6. Hydra in Greece

The reason why we love Hydra (besides the obvious) is the fact that the cars and motorbikes are not allowed by law on the islands. How wonderful is that? With donkeys, bicycles, and water taxis providing public transportation, Hydra is truly a special place among the country’s islands, making you feel the traditional Greek spirit. Add to it the outstanding Hydra’s coast filled with little harbors, pretty buildings, crystal waters and an array of fine restaurants, and you might have enough reasons to make it your next Mediterranean destination.

Hydra. By GiorgosHydra. By Giorgos

7. Tossa de Mar in Spain

The Beach at Tossa de Mar. By neillalderney123The Beach at Tossa de Mar. By neillalderney123

Tossa de Mar is a perfect getaway, especially for those who want to ease overloaded senses after visiting Barcelona. Located not very far (100 km) from the famed capital of Catalonia, on the Costa Brava, Tossa de Mar lures visitors with picturesque beaches, a charming and quiet old town and a beautiful medieval castle towering above the beaches.  Over a glass of fine wine in one of the town’s little bars, the town seems to be even more attractive.

Tossa de Mar's village. By monkeyleaderTossa de Mar’s village. By monkeyleader

8. Corsica in France

Corsika, Palombaggia. By sramses177Corsika, Palombaggia. By sramses177

If you think Corsica is just another Mediterranean island, you are obviously wrong. Besides its golden beaches and turquoise waters (as if it wasn’t enough), Corsica is home to the toughest long distance trail in Europe – the legendary GR 20 that can be walked in 15 days. In fact, mountains cover two-thirds of this French island, located not far from Sardinia. With over 20 summits of more than 2,000 meters (6,600 ft), Corsica is a paradise for hiking lovers. In addition, the island’s coastline that winds around 1,000 km is a fantastic destination for beach-goers.

Corsica's mountains. By bass nrollCorsica’s mountains. By bass nroll

9. Portofino in Italy

Portofino. By owlherePortofino. By owlhere

If we had to describe Portofino in one word, it would be “fairy tale”. Once a small Italian fishing village located on the Italian Riviera, today the town has become a famed resort, considered the most beautiful port on the Mediterranean coast. No wonder, Portofino has a few replicas in the world – it inspired a re-creation of the sea side town at Tokyo DisneySea, is copied in authentic detail at Universal Orlando Resort in USA as well as in the Gulf Harbour marina in New Zealand. With its charming architecture, magical location and multitude of café terraces, Portofino is a quintessence of Italian and Mediterranean lifestyle.

Town's beach. By sgirolimettoTown’s beach. By sgirolimetto

10. Tetouan in Morocco

The richness of the African part of the Mediterranean coast could make another post, but here we present one of the most remarkable destinations surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea – Moroccan Tetouan. In comparison to the European side of the sea, the coast in Morocco remains virgin unspoiled and undeveloped. Tetouan, meaning “the eyes” in the Berber language, is one of the two major Moroccan ports on the coast, being, at the same time, a beautiful resort with the old town listed on the World Heritage List, filled with charming traditional white buildings. Tetouan is truly a unique and slightly exotic side of the Mediterranean coast.

Mediterranean coast of Morocco. By mudmucksMediterranean coast of Morocco. By mudmucks


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The Cancun Underwater Museum

Source: www.10best.com

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In pictures: The weird colours of Rotorua’s Wai-O-Tapu – New Zealand

Source: On the Luce –  ontheluce.com –  by Lucy Dodsworth

Wai O Tapu thermal wonderland, Rotorua, North Island, New ZealandThere’s a lot going on under the surface in New Zealand, and one of the island’s geothermal hotspots (in more ways than one) is Rotorua. Outside the city, Wai O Tapu (meaning ‘Sacred Waters’ in Maori) is billed as a ‘thermal wonderland’ – a theme park where the attractions are all natural, even though you sometimes feel like you’re on another planet. Walking routes around the park take you past bubbling mud, sulphur waterfalls, steaming vents and lakes in neon oranges, yellows and greens, given their colour by mineral deposits. Some of the highlights are the Champagne Pool, where tiny bubbles make it look like a huge lake of bubbly, and the Lady Knox Geyser. Though you need to time your visit well to watch her erupt – she only goes off once a day, at 10.15am, shooting out boiling water 20 metres into the air.Steaming lake at Wai O Tapu thermal wonderland, Rotorua, New Zealand

The Champagne pools at Wai O Tapu thermal wonderland, Rotorua, New Zealand

Green lake at Wai O Tapu thermal wonderland, Rotorua, New Zealand

Geyser and green pool at Wai O Tapu thermal wonderland, Rotorua, New Zealand

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Igloo Village of Hotel Kasluttanen in Finland

The Igloo Village of Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland boasts 20 thermal glass igloos that allow visitors to enjoy incredible views of the Aurora Borealis from the warmth and comfort of their own geodesic hut.

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Hostel Travel: America’s Cup “World Series” comes to San Francisco


Source: sfhostels.com

San Francisco’s cool and windswept bay awaits a rainbow fleet of sails, while her waterfront prepares for a crowded and colorful marina full of polo-wearing spectators for the America’s Cup World Series.

Unlike the America’s Cup Finals, which will also be held in San Francisco, the world series is a regular circuit of regattas where teams practice for cup races, and fans get to experience the action firsthand at various locations around the world. The series is divided into two seasons; the 2011-2012 season started in Portugal in June 2011 and culminates in Rhode Island this July. The second season starts in San Francisco from August 21-26, and then returns for Fleet Week from October 4-7. The world series continues in Italy in April and May of 2013, and then the America’s Cup returns to San Francisco for the final races in September!

The race to the final championship is an exciting and dramatic journey, and San Francisco will be the stage for spectacular showdowns both this year and next year. The race course for all the America’s Cup action is also the closest a course has been to the shore in 160 years, providing unprecedented access for spectators! The course spans the city’s waterfront from Crissy Field to the Embarcadero, brushes the Golden Gate Bridge, curves around Alcatraz, and ends at Pier 27/29. Guests staying at the San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf Hostel  will be right in the heart of the action, and on the other side of the bay, the Marin Headlands Hostel  will also be a prime base for spectators.

The America’s Cup is a trophy awarded to the winner of the final race between two yachts. The defender yacht, which represents the yacht club that currently holds the America’s Cup, competes against the challenger yacht. The Golden Gate Yacht Club won the cup in 2010, and with it the right to select the location of the next America’s Cup regatta.

This spectacle of skill, speed, and agility is unlike any other sporting event, and seeing the action unfold in San Francisco Bay — against the backdrop of the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, Alcatraz and Angel Island — will be a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. San Francisco is expected to be full to the brim for these special events so book your stay early!

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Maralyn D. Hill, The Epicurean Explorer

8 Day Cascadian Cuisine Ultimate Adventure “Waterways, Wine and Woods for the Epicurean Explorer” – www.theepicureanexplorer.com

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