A Day Trip from Split, Croatia: Hiking Mosor

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Color as the subject


Washington is light grey.  Boston is brick-red.  Bangkok is a kaleidoscope of bright colors – at least in the older park of the city. 




We stayed in the old city and visited wats, night markets, small shops, and little cafes.  The colors of Bangkok in the old city were inspiring.  We avoided the “new” skyscraper and mega-shopping mall part of town except to catch the skytrain.




We took hundreds of photos and noticed a theme emerging: the colors became the subject of the photos rather than the buildings themselves.  

November 2013

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Rich Tourists Now Staying in Luxury ‘Shanty Towns’ So They Can Pretend to Be Poor


It isn’t uncommon for wealthy travelers to visit economically struggling countries without ever interacting with the extreme poverty its citizens undergo on a daily basis. So a five-star South African resort decided to remedy this rich-kid travel ailment by creating something that is about 500 times worse than… let’s call it idealistic ignorance.

Emoya Luxury Hotel and Spa created a fake shanty town so that its wealthy clientele can pretend to slum it “within  the safe environment of a private game reserve.”

But don’t worry, even though the “Shanty Town” has intricately designed, colorful iron shacks, outdoor bathrooms, and battery operated radios, things aren’t too realistic for comfort. “This is the only Shanty Town in the world equipped with under-floor heating and wireless internet access!” its website boasts. 

And it’s also listed as ideal for team building exercises or theme parties. Because nothing is more festive than pretending to pinch pennies…

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Tour France; Useful Phrases for Traveling in France

Bliss Travels News

Traveling to France soon? Learn some essential phrases to help with everyday interactions!

Most French people speak English. But just like travelers coming to America assuming we will speak their language, the French appreciate those who attempt to speak the language of the country they’re visiting. These phrases will give you a head start–and maybe help make you some new friends!

Bliss Travels clients are always excited to talk to locals during our trips, and these are the first phrases we teach. Test them out and get comfortable!

1. “Bonjour, Monsieur/Madame!”

As simple as this seems, a friendly greeting in French will almost always elicit a smile!

Tip: Especially in Paris, addressing someone immediately as Monsieur or Madame is a “politesse” that simply must be used.

2. “Je voudrais ca.”

Pronounced “zje voo-DRAY sah,” this means “I would like that.” Especially in markets and bakeries, where you must point and…

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Unusual POV


This week’s challenge is “Unusual Point of View“.

The first view was taken from a sampan. We were travelling through a limestone sea cave in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Inside the cave, my eyes, and my camerawere directed to the rugged and dark surfaces of the sea cave. Natural light eventually came through when we were approaching the other end of the sea cave. DSC_0181

It was a moment of contrasting beauty – we have the dark rock surface on the left, transiting into a colorful layered rock on the right and through this, we have light at the end of the cave revealing the  marshy area outside.

The second view was taken from down under in the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia.DSC_0247

The temple has sort of skylight so as to allow sunlight coming in.

I was viewing the sky from deep down; as if I was viewing it from a…

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Fire Dancers, Bora Bora

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Jagran Village, Neelam Valley, Pakistan

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