Into the forest and what did we see?


Our group of seven placed a high priority on relaxation while in Zanzibar, but we’re flexible, and we made an exception. How about a trip to the Jozani-Chwaka Bay National Park to see the Kirk’s Red Colobus monkeys? The Kirk’s Red Colobus are an endemic and endangered species existing only in Zanzibar.


Saleem, our guide, explained that three species of monkeys can be seen on Zanzibar and two of those are found in this park.


We’ve visited National Parks for animal viewing and often came away empty-handed.  In the early morning, Jozani’s monkeys were active and easily seen.



After observing the monkeys, we moved on to other sights in the park.  We walked through mahogany forests, watched 6-inch long millipedes as they scurried down trees, discovered flowers we’d never seen before, and strolled an observation boardwalk at the mangrove swamp.

DSC05878 DSC05879


When we had planned to visit Jozani, we had…

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