Tölting across the land of fire and ice; Part I

Aurora Borealis, fire and ice, Hestar, horses, Iceland, Icelandic horses, Kjóastaðir, riding, tölt


I had only two days at Kjóastaðir, where approximately 20 riders overnighted a few yards from the horse barn and paddocks. Huddled in the bunk house, visions of ponies and Aurora Borealis danced before our jet-lagged eyes. (On the second night, we were rewarded with a small taste of green phantoms pirouetting across the starry night sky. And yes, I did crawl out of my nice warm bed, grabbed my camera & tripod, and dashed into eye-watering cold to record the green ephemera, but my results were embarrassing.)DSC_0475IMG_1283The dining room resides, appropriately enough, inside the main barn. The view from the picture window in the dining room opens onto a view of dining horses. On the first morning, our guide, Meike, encouraged us to eat hearty. She recommended large portions of porridge topped with Skyr. The porridge was surprisingly tasty and she was right, it held me through…

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