Emily Carter Mitchell ~ Nature & Wildlife Photography

There is nothing more that represents the Andes mountains than Llamas. Found in high altitudes, these animals are a large part of the social and economic structure throughout the region. Related to the camel, these animals are vital for survival as they provide warmth with their wool, food by their meat, and serve as pack animals.

The Vicuna is now an endangered species and their fur is coveted as having extremely fine wool. They were used in many religious ceremonies.

Fully domesticated, Llamas can be seen walking freely along roadways and trails frequently being followed by a native. There are a large variety of Llamas and Alpacas that can be seen during a visit in the Sacred Valley Region. These lovely and a bit pushy creatures are fun to play with.

The Evil Eye

One of the best places to spend time getting up close and personal with Llamas are at…

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